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Business Safe Cleaning is a cleaning services company that delivers the safest and most hygienic cleaning services for the Melbourne precincts.

There are numerious cleaning companies, but what truly makes Business Safe unique is that  Business Safe takes cleaning beyond aesthetic and visual outcomes.We test and verify at the microbiological level where health problems can arise.

We view our clients’  business environments as social hubs of productivity.

Our goal is to nurture, maintain, and lead in best cleaning practices innovation ensuring:


| Business environments are cleaned to environmentally safe standards


| Business environments are cleaned to hygienically safe standards


| Business environments are cleaned to sustainably safe standards

Business Safe Cleaning is a provider of Superior Cleaning Services!


We only partner with the most innovative and technologically advanced organisations.


Our partners include:


We Provide Comprehensive Cleaning Services to the following industries and Sectors

Multi Story Building Facility Cleaning

Multi Story Building Facility Cleaning Multi Story Building Facility Cleaning

Corporate Business and Apartments Cleaning

We provide quality assured cleaning services for corporate businesses, and apartments. Experience a healthier, cleaner office space.

Health and Aged Care Specialised Cleaning

We provide comprehensive, specialised, quality assured cleaning services for the health and aged care sectors.

Light Manufacturing Premises Cleaning

We provide comprehensive, specialised, quality assured cleaning services for light manufacturing premises

Civic Facilities Cleaning

We provide comprehensive, specialised, quality assured cleaning services.

Educational Facility Cleaning

We provide comprehensive, specialised, quality assured cleaning services.


Satisfying “You” the client.

Providing Superior – Hygienic Cleaning.

Providing Value for Money for your Cleaning Services Investment.



Business Safe cleaning is a fresh and new cleaning business established in 2017 with a strategic focus on providing hygienically safe and clean environments for our clients. Our staffs have a combined cleaning services experience of over 40 years’ in the domestic, commercial, and educational cleaning sectors in Victoria.  

Quality assured, flexible cleaning services for central / local government businesses, and light manufacturing businesses.

Our Mission

Business Safe Cleaning will continuously strive to establish cleaning contract business relationships that are mutually rewarding and sustainable.

Our Culture

Business Safe Cleaning foundation principles are based on values of trust, integrity, and commitment and these values are embedded in our Quality Management Cleaning Systems Service Check Lists.

Our Principles

Business Safe Cleaning believe in providing our staff with  opportunities to grow and  to excel. Our  staff are encouraged to be all they can be and do. To have high self esteem, be confident and have  a positive approach to their cleaning work tasks. Our business safe cleaning staff are special. Not only trained, trustworthy and committed  they are the next level of cleaning providers. This is why you should contact us now.


Why we use iComplied for our Auditing needs?

                  iComplied helps manage the entire Quality process from audits, documents, risk to automated corrective actions.
As best commercial office cleaners, we understand that we also need to provide our clients with piece of mind by showing them a report.
This compliance tool was born to automate paper based auditing systems, disrupt the industry, and empower workers who feel auditing is a burden. It is a perfect companion to ensure the quality assured value of Business Safe – best commercial office cleaners in Melbourne.
The platform caters to every industry and the pre-loaded checklist covers all aspects / schemes that an organization can engage 3rd party certification in. It’s designed to make even the simplest audits / inspections easy, low cost and effortless. With an easy-use-interface, cutting-edge features, and security at its core, iComplied is SaaS based and available on Google.

The Problem

– Do you know if your workplace is micro biologically clean?  Watch a live demonstration to find out more. 

– Are you aware of the real bacterial and viral presence in your work-place? We can provide an Instant ATP, microbiological test and report , at no cost and obligation to you.

The Solution


                 Once the worlds best kept antimicrobial secret, this odourless, non-leaching, environmentally safe, non-corrosive technology which contains NO ALCOHOL is now available to everyone.
Completely safe for humans, animals, food surfaces and our precious planet, but deadly for bacteria, mould, fungi, and harmful viruses.
use and applications
You generally have no idea who or what has touched a surface before you and what bacteria may be lurking there waiting to transfer onto your skin. A simple handshake, opening a door or travelling by public transport all increase your potential to become infected by bacteria or a virus transferred from a previous user. Transference is the most common method in which infections are spread within the community. Had your hands been treated with either Zoono’s Germfree24 hand sanitiser or the surfaces with Zoono’s Microbe Shield Z-71 surface sanitiser, the chances of any cross contamination would be significantly reduced. Zoono products brought to you by GermFree Bioscience Australia, can protect you and your family 24/7. Non-toxic, no alcohol, long lasting and food safe. Can you afford not to use Zoono?
Where can Zoono work?
It is a perfect and only solution for Child Care Centres, Veterinary Clinics, Doctors Surgeries, Ambulance, Restaurants, Aged Care Facilities, Laboratories, Dentists, Chicken Hatcheries, Abattoirs, Food Processing Plants, Hotels, Supermarkets, Private and Commercial Vehicles, Caravans, Sporting Facilities …
… Or even in your Home, Business, or Boat.
… Or more.

Here’s what our clients say about Business Safe Cleaning

Business Safe Cleaning have been my chosen commercial office cleaners since 2008 and i can honestly say i have never met a cleaner  who is so meticulous with their approach to cleaning. Luz is passionate about her clients and treats their homes as if they were her own. I highly recommend Luz to anyone looking for a cleaner that is detailed and very professional.
Lea Zerbes , Executive Director - Wealth Within Group



Location & Details

Business Safe Cleaning is a cleaning services company that delivers the safest and most hygienic cleaning services for the Melbourne precincts. We are the best commercial office cleaners in Melbourne.

We view our clients’  business environments as social hubs of productivity.

Melbourne, VIC, Australia

+61 458 844 040


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